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Asphalt Pavement and Repair

STL Milling and Paving is the leading asphalt paving company in the state of Missouri. Serving the city of St. Louis and surrounding areas, STL Milling and Paving provides a full spectrum of asphalt pavement services including paving, repair, sealcoating, lining, and even snow removal.
With unbeatable prices and precise attention to detail, STL Milling and Paving offers major corporations, government clients, and individual homeowners alike top-quality asphalt pavement services along with impeccable customer care. No other company in the area has the depth of experience and high level of attention to detail found at STL Milling and Paving, St. Louis’ number one choice for asphalt paving and asphalt repair.


An Asphalt Paving Company Clients Can Depend Upon

Many different types of organizations and individual clients have chosen to work with Special Construction Services time and time again. The company is available to assist:

Government Agencies - STL Milling and Paving is regularly hired by local governments as well as state and federally owned agencies to repave parking lots and roadways. These clients turn to STL Milling and Paving because the company provides reliable services at an economic price point that simply can’t be beat. While other companies must schedule themselves around when they’re able to rent appropriate equipment, STL Milling and Paving owns and operates all of its own machinery for milling and paving asphalt. This allows STL Milling and Paving to keep its prices low and also be more flexible with scheduling, frequently working in the middle of the night to allow for minimal interruption of traffic during regular work hours.

Private Companies - Major retailers, department stores, and grocery stores choose STL Milling and Paving because our team is able to provide a complete range of asphalt repair services according to the wishes and schedule of the client. Unlike other asphalt paving companies that don’t own their own equipment, STL Milling and Paving is able to work with private companies to complete asphalt repair and resurfacing work in a way that allows a portion of the parking lot to remain open at all times. This helps companies get their parking lots and roadways repaired without inconveniencing their own clients.

Saint Louis Missouri Paving - Special Construction Services

Individuals - STL Milling and Paving also works with individual clients performing asphalt driveway paving, snow clearing, and asphalt repair work. No job is too small (or too large) for the team at STL Milling and Paving, and our professionals routinely complete minor asphalt crack repair jobs as well as major overhauls of large roadways. Individual clients are most often interested in STL Milling and Paving’s asphalt seal coating and asphalt paving repair services.

STL Milling and Paving’s Complete Range of Asphalt Services

The asphalt pavement services offered by STL Milling and Paving include everything from milling to asphalt crack repair to asphalt seal coating. Using our own equipment and a professional team of experienced construction workers, STL Milling and Paving provides high-quality asphalt paving services throughout the St. Louis area at unmatched prices. The company’s vast array of services include:

Asphalt Pavement -The company can create a new parking lot from scratch or resurface roadways, parking lots, or private driveways. STL Milling and Paving can use asphalt, cement, or a composite material for your pavement needs. Whatever you have in mind, STL Milling and Paving can get it done.

Asphalt Seal Coating – STL Milling and Paving’s asphalt sealcoating service helps protect pavement from cracks and wear, helping it last longer and stay safer.

Recycled Asphalt Services – STL Milling and Paving offers asphalt removal at no additional charge. The company also offers recycled asphalt pavement to clients to reduce their costs and help protect the environment.

Snow Removal Services – During the winter months, STL Milling and Paving uses its privately-owned line of snow plows to remove snow and ice from construction sites, allowing for construction year-round. These services can also be used by non-construction clients for the general clearing of roadways or parking lots.

Pavement Markings -Beyond asphalt paving in St. Louis, STL Milling and Paving finishes each job the right way with appropriate line painting services. STL Milling and Paving can help companies and government agencies comply with local law and make their roadways and lots as safe and convenient as possible with appropriate markings.

Asphalt Crack Repair – STL Milling and Paving is also available for small and large crack repair work, patching potholes as well as fixing small cracks in driveways to improve safety and appearance.

Superior Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Material

As an additional service, STL Milling and Paving provides reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) material to manufacturers throughout the Midwest and beyond. With the company’s own milling machines, SPS is able to crush RAP material to the specific size requirements of any manufacturer, providing only top-quality recycled asphalt paving for processing into recycled asphalt products. Through the company’s asphalt removal services, STL Milling and Paving collects an ample supply of used asphalt from which to generate superior RAP material for distribution to top manufacturers. To learn more about our RAP material, contact STL Milling and Paving today or visit our RAP Material page for additional information.

Paving the Way to a Better St. Louis

STL Milling and Paving separates itself from the competition by providing a higher level of service at a lower price point. With complete and up-to-date certification, top-of-the-line construction professionals, our own team of traffic control personnel, and a complete array of privately owned milling and pavement machinery, no other pavement company in the area can compare to the breadth of experience and service provided by Special Construction Services. Contact the company today to learn more about STL Milling and Paving’s complete range of asphalt pavement service options or to receive a free quote for your paving, repair, or snow removal job.